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“Forrest Micke is one of those rare individuals whose genuine interest in people equals his ability to effectively communicate his understanding of dog behavior in a way that any novice can get their hands around. His dedication to helping me “learn” my dog has made the biggest difference in the relationship I now enjoy with my canine companion. Without a doubt, Forrest is an expert in his field.”

— Jaquie D.


"I am currently training with Forrest and his energy and enthusiasm for our sessions is contagious. I feel that he understands my goals and has taken them for his own. Not only is training very enjoyable but now my once lofty goals are definitely in reach. Thanks Forrest.

— Mike o.


"Sending my dog Kaiser to Forrest was the best thing I have ever done. He opened my eyes to a better way of training that is not only effective but LOTS MORE FUN than the old school methods. Kaiser and I are now a well oiled machine and we have a great working relationship. This is all thanks to Forrest!!! THANK YOU!!!”

— anna K.


"I had the opportunity to work with Forrest for an extended period of time and admire his ability to adjust to each dog and handler, his eye for details, and his always positive attitude. It has been a true privilege to work with Forrest and to end up with a better dog and as a better handler.

— Etienne, S.

Forrest, you have to be one of the most motivational trainers I have found online your enthusiasm is fantastic, I wish you had been around 6 years ago when I was training my now-retired Saint Bernard. Your passion and motivation has given me the inspiration to continue training my current dog when I had pretty much decided, with all the issues we have been through in the last 18 months, to chuck it all in.”

— Kathy R.


"Forrest is superb. He takes the time to understand you, your dog and what you want from your relationship. He’s very involved — and provides me with advice that has immediate results with Ziggy (who likes him too!). Dog training is supposed to be fun – he’s a pleasure to be around. His enthusiasm and love for training is contagious!

— A.A.

"Forrest is a exceptional dog trainer in constant pursuit of advancement and evolvement. With a meticulous eye for detail, Forrest can assist any team towards achieving their goals. On top of all of it, he’s a stellar guy with a infectious personality. He’s my kindred spirit.”

— Mark K.


He’s just such a well-rounded dog guy. An incredible eye for detail in training. And his practice demonstrates a deep respect and consideration for the dog. Biggest for me is that Forrest is able to put into words the ‘feel’ at the heart of training. I take away so much from my time with him.

— James w.